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2021 China’s auto parts industry market status and development trend forecast analysis

As a sub-industry of the automobile manufacturing industry, the manufacture of auto parts and accessories is the foundation of the development of the automobile industry. As an important pillar industry of my country’s national economy, the automobile industry has received strong support from the state.

With the rapid development of China’s auto industry, the increase in car ownership and the expansion of the auto parts market, my country’s auto parts industry has developed rapidly, and the overall growth rate is higher than that of my country’s complete vehicle industry.

In my country, the auto parts industry has continued to strengthen technological research and innovation system construction through independent R&D, joint ventures and cooperation, and the introduction of technical talents, and has gradually achieved breakthroughs in core technologies in some areas. Domestic auto parts companies have already possessed the industrialization capabilities of passenger car and commercial vehicle parts systems, and achieved comprehensive product coverage. Therefore, in my country, auto parts suppliers have reached the standard of first-level supporting suppliers.



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