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Company 6S management system

In order to further improve the work quality and efficiency of all employees of the company, create a comfortable, orderly and efficient production and company management environment, and effectively promote the standardized, standardized and strict 6S management mode of the company, this system is specially formulated.

  1. The equipment and materials in the workplace are neatly stacked, and unnecessary things are not placed.
  2. Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment. There are equipment maintenance cards, which are arranged neatly and in the best condition.
  3. The tools are positioned and maintained regularly.
  4. The parts are positioned and placed, with the same logo, which is clear at a glance.
  5. The tools and molds are clearly positioned, clearly marked, and easy to access.
  6. Tools, machinery and machines are cleaned at any time.
  7. The items of the material rack are neatly visited.
  8. Keep the passageway clean, the work place is stored neatly, and there is no debris on the ground.



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