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General introduction to engine knowledge

The engine is the heart of the car, for the car to walk to provide power, the car’s power, economy, environmental protection.Simply speaking, the engine is an energy conversion mechanism, that is, the heat energy of gasoline (diesel), through the combustion of gas in the sealed cylinder expansion, drive the piston to work, into mechanical energy, this is the most basic principle of the engine.Engine all structure is in the service of the energy conversion, although the engine with the car passed 100 years of history, both in the design, manufacture, process and performance, the control has the very big enhancement, its basic principle still has not changed, this is an era of creativity, the engine designers,Constantly integrate the latest technology with the engine, the engine into a complex mechatronics products, so that the engine performance to nearly perfect the degree, the world famous car manufacturers will also take the engine performance as a competitive highlight.



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