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Mechanics of Diesel Fuel Injectors

Basic diesel fuel injectors contain a fuel supply line, an intake valve, an exhaust valve and the fuel injection apparatus. Each cylinder is attached to its own fuel supply line.all of which run from the fuel tank to the engine.

Fuel is transferred through these fuel supply lines to the fuel injector device attached to each cylinder. Along the way, the fuel passes through a filter that removes residue and impurities. When the diesel fuel reaches the injector device, it becomes highly pressurized.The fuel injector is attached to a small pump, which forces air into the injector and pressurizes the diesel fuel.The injector then sprays the diesel fuel through a small nozzle into the cylinder’s combustion chamber.

The nozzle contains a series of small holes.which ensure even distribution of the diesel fuel into the cylinder’s combustion chamber. An air intake valve sucks air into the chamber, which mixes with the vaporized diesel fuel and intensifies the combustion. The exhaust valve clears the emissions, the return line clears the excess fuel and returns it to the tank.



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