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  • Company 6S management system

    In order to further improve the work quality and efficiency of all employees of the company, create a comfortable, orderly and efficient production and company management environment, and effectively promote the standardized, standardized and strict 6S management mode of the company, this system is specially formulated. The equipment and materials…
  • Diesel high pressure common rail EFI

    The common rail technology refers to a kind of oil supply method, the injection pressure is generated and the injection process is completely separated from each other in a closed loop system composed of a high pressure oil pump, a pressure sensor and an ECU,and the high pressure fuel pump…
  • diesel fuel injection pump repair kits

    Diesel fuel injection pump repair kits,the customer has received the product and is full of praise for the quality of the product and the excellent service of our company. The second batch of products has been packaged and ready to be shipped. repair kit modelnozzle modelcontrol valve modelfor injectorF 00R…
  • 5000 diesel fuel injection pumps were exported to Chile

    5000 diesel fuel injection pumps were exported to Chile
  • Company Profile

    We specialize in the research, development, production and sales of fuel injection systems.Through continuous efforts and innovation, our product chain is becoming more and more abundant.The company's fuel injection pumps, nozzles, plungers, valves and common rail products have been sold all over the world.Welcome friends from all over the world…



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