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Preparation and taboos before starting diesel generator set

Preparation of diesel generator set before starting and taboo diesel generator long time full load operation, not only can improve its own performance, find out safety risks, but also can avoid major communication accidents.

First, the preparation before the start.Each time before starting the engine must check whether the cooling water or antifreeze in the diesel tank is satisfied, such as the lack of filling.Pull out the oil scale to see if the lubricating oil is missing. If it is missing, it should be added to the specified “static full” scale line, and then carefully check the relevant parts for any potential trouble. If a fault is found, it should be removed in time before starting up.

2. It is strictly prohibited to start the diesel engine with load.Diesel engine before starting to pay attention to the generator output air switch must be in the closed state.After starting the diesel engine of the ordinary generator set, it should go through 3-5 minutes of idle running (about 700 RPM) in winter, so the idle running time should be extended for several minutes appropriately.After starting the diesel engine, the first thing to observe is whether the oil pressure is normal and whether there is oil leakage, water leakage and other abnormal phenomena, (under normal circumstances, the oil pressure must be above 0.2Mpa) such as abnormal to immediately stop maintenance.If there is no abnormal phenomenon and the diesel engine speed is increased to the rated speed of 1500 RPM, then the generator display frequency is 50Hz and the voltage is 400V, then the output air switch can be closed and put into use.The generator set is not allowed to run without load for a long time.(Because a long time of no-load operation will make the diesel fuel injection nozzles can not be completely burned, resulting in carbon deposition, resulting in valve, piston ring leakage.)If it is an automatic generator set, it does not need to idle operation, because the automatic unit is generally equipped with water heater, so that the diesel engine cylinder block is always maintained at about 45CO, and the diesel engine can be normally sent within 8-15 seconds after starting.

Diesel generator set is one of the essential equipment in the power generation industry. When it is used, it must be operated according to the normal process and normal method to avoid unnecessary trouble.



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