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The difference between diesel engines and gasoline engines

1. Different engine ignition modes

The diesel engine is not ignited by high pressure, but by pressure.Gasoline engines, on the other hand, use an ignition device to ignite gasoline.

2. Different engine speeds

Gasoline engine cars have the characteristics of high speed, car gasoline engine speed up to 5000-6000 RPM, truck gasoline engine speed up to about 4000 RPM;Diesel engine speed is low, the highest speed in 2500-3000 RPM or so.

3. Different fuel consumption

Compared to gasoline, diesel is more powerful, has a higher ignition point, and is less volatile, which makes diesel engines 30% more fuel efficient than gasoline engines.That is to say, the same model, under the same driving conditions, if the gasoline car’s fuel consumption is 10L, then the diesel car’s fuel consumption is about 7L.The difference of fuel consumption also directly affects the difference of economic consumption, the general truck mostly uses the diesel engine.

4. Manufacturing and maintenance costs are different

Compared with diesel engine, gasoline engine has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance, so its manufacturing cost is lower than that of diesel engine.Diesel engine manufacturing cost is high, mainly reflected in the oil supply system parts of the manufacturing process, manufacturing precision requirements, such as fuel injector, high pressure oil pump, oil valve and other manufacturing precision requirements, maintenance costs are high.

5. Different power and life

Compared with gasoline engine, diesel engine has the characteristics of large power, long life and good dynamic performance.



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