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The structure and working principle of the common rail injector:

  1. Initial state

When the injector solenoid valve is not triggered, the injector is closed and the drain hole is also closed. The small spring presses the ball valve of the armature to the orifice, forming a common rail high pressure in the valve control cavity. Similarly, a common rail high pressure is also formed in the injector. The common rail pressure balances the pressure of the control plunger section and the pressure of the nozzle spring as well as the opening force of the high-pressure fuel on the needle valve cone, keeping the needle valve closed.

  1. Start state of fuel injection

When the solenoid valve is triggered, the armature opens the drain hole, and the fuel flows from the valve control room to the cavity above, and from the cavity to the fuel tank through the oil return pipe, the pressure in the control room is reduced; the pressure in the control room is reduced and reduced With the force acting on the control plunger, the nozzle needle valve is opened and the fuel injector starts to inject fuel.

  1. End of fuel injection

Once the solenoid valve is powered off, the force of the small spring will push the solenoid valve down, and the ball valve will close the drain hole; after the drain hole is closed, fuel enters the control room from the oil inlet hole to establish oil pressure, and this high pressure acts on the control On the cross section of the plunger, the pressure of the oil rail plus the spring force is greater than the pressure on the cone of the needle valve, so that the nozzle needle valve is closed.

  1. Note:

In order to avoid abnormal damage to the fuel injector, it is necessary to change the oil according to the season and maintain the diesel filter regularly. Avoid using inferior fuel and inferior filters, and also need to avoid long-term high-load operation of the engine. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the common rail system is a high-pressure system. Please do not disassemble it without authorization to avoid injury. The fuel injector is a precision component. Please choose a professional equipment supplier for after-sales service maintenance. Do not disassemble without authorization to avoid secondary damage to the injector.



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